I’ve been interested in making shoes for as long as I can remember. I distinctly remember fantasizing about making a pair of clogs in the backseat of my parents car circa 1978. I wondered – How could I get access to the tools and supplies I needed to make my fantasy a reality? Could we make the soles in my dad’s wood shop? Clog soles are tricky to source! (And Unfortunately – I still haven’t found a good source.. but I’m working on it – stay tuned).

Another one of my favorite past times during mass was to watch feet as they marched back from Communion. Interesting footwear required a glance upwards to check out the person on the other end of those interesting shoes. Not only was this game entertaining – it also made church go by much faster. I actually still play this game from time to time. Don’t tell my kids.

I did actually try to make some shoes when I was a kid. Bored while our mothers chitchatted – my friend Alix and I taped blocks to the soles of my sandals. Voila! Platform shoes! But our construction was a bit shoddy and blocks spewed all down the stairs as I tried to walk the makeshift runway. Our moms were not impressed.

Now I’m finally getting serious about shoe making. With my degree in apparel design, knack for technology, experience with sewing and embroidery and some lessons from the Chicago School of Shoemaking… Sh**Ts about to get real!!! Join me on this crazy adventure of shoemaking, learn from my mistakes and make some shoes yourself.

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