Simple and Elegant Handmade Sandals – “The Kristins”

In my 44 years on Earth – I have learned a few things about sibling relations. An older sister is really not going to dole out compliments to a younger sister nor will she acknowledge that anything the younger sister does is very cool.  Ok – at least that’s how it is in my family, which I (as the younger sister) accept and simply turn to other people to feed my need for approval…

Yet, despite understanding the nature of our relationship, and knowing what I was in for, I decided to make my sister a pair of shoes.  I figured – if she hated them – at least I would get some solid cobbling experience.

Inspiration struck at a fabulous boutique in downtown Denver, CO.  I fell in love with a simple, black, leather slide.  I felt that even with my limited cobbling experience, I could make a similar shoe.

2015-10-01 18.15.21

For my sister’s pair, I made a few changes.  I stained the leather inside a deep burgundy as I felt it would add nice contrast to the black straps.  The shoes were actually pretty simple to size.  I just borrowed my niece’s feet who wore the same size as her mom.   Once again, my dad helped out on the trimming and the sanding at the end.

I was actually pretty surprised by how easy the whole process was.   But I was even more surprised by how much my sister liked them.  She’s even told me that she’s ready for her next pair!

"The Kristins" - made for my sister.
“The Kristins” – made for my sister.

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